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An Introduction, Mid Winter

This is the first entry of the Purple Sage Farms blog. We want to let our customers and friends know what is going on here on the farm and share our experience with our food community. Check here to find out what is going on at Purple Sage Farms each week.

We have 12 large hoop-houses that help us grow crops that are not typical of Southwest Idaho. We specialize in growing fresh culinary herbs during our growing season and we have dry herbs available for the winter season and throughout the year. We also grow salad, spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli and many other greens. Check in to this blog regularly to see what’s available.

Kelby Sommer feeds the sheep in december.

Kelby Sommer, feeding the sheep this winter.

Our herd of hair sheep help us make our own certified organic compost for the greenhouses and we harvest lambs for meat in the winter when the grass isn’t growing.

The herbs we harvest and dry in the summer are sold for winter cooking and many of the varieties we have are great for hot tea and sun tea. We also brew a fermented tea called kombucha. It’s certified organic and features the dry herbs from our farm.

Frozen fog crystals on trees in our back yard looking at a sheep pen on a cold January morning.

This past month has been one of the coldest Januarys in  a long time. Even my grandmother, who grew up in Idaho, says it’s the coldest she can remember. I took this picture after a foggy night with lows near zero. I’m standing on the patio of “la casita,” where I live, looking out to the sheep pen where I’m about to put out hay for the sheep. They start calling for me as soon as I step out my door in the morning.

I’m standing at GH1 looking down the line of 12 houses after feeding sheep on a snowy day.

The farm looks frozen now, with snow piled up on the greenhouses, but we are coming out of the winter , starting to transplant greens and spread compost, in this last week of January 2013.

Michael Sommer